GCL History

Glass Club Lake, Inc.

The Club was established in 1933 as a Texas Corporation. It consists of no more than 100 shareholders, each of which owns one share in the entire property. At the present time, there are 74 shareholder lots on the lake.  By purchasing a lot with a share of stock, or a cabin with a share of stock, the shareholder gains an equal interest in all the lands and lake through this stock ownership.

In May of 1933, Thomas Bain of Texarkana signed over the water rights to a flowing spring to the newly incorporated Glass Club Lake. The agreement “extended privileges to any stockholder to beautify and make said spring more attractive, to care for and do such improvements as necessary”. The Glass Club Springs were enclosed by a large semicircular stone wall. Reportedly, it was still in use for piping fresh water to cabins as late as 1977. Today, several underground springs continue to feed into the lake.

Glass Club Lake, Inc., is managed by a Board of Directors, which are elected by the shareholders, at the clubs annual meeting.  Board Members serve three year terms and have the responsibility to manage the interests of the Shareholders, and work to maintain compliance with the applicable state and federal laws.  New Board members are elected each year to replace those comming off of their term.  The Board values the opinion of all members, and encourages them to serve on a variety of committees designed to enhance life at the lake.