New Member Information

Welcome to Glass Club Lake!

The information below is designed to help answer frequent questions that new members often have about Glass Club Lake.  For additional information, please reference the Club’s By-Laws & Rules, located under the Documents link.

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors, who manage the Club and Shareholder interests, are elected at the annual Shareholder meeting held in June.  Members are encouraged to attend the monthly Board meetings, which are held at 6:00 PM, on the first Saturday of the month.

Boat Ramp 

The boat ramp is located on the north side of the lake, in the large cove on Omaha Drive.  Please read the Club’s By-Laws & Rules for additional boating information.

Boat Stickers

Shareholder owned boats and watercraft on Glass Club Lake,  require a green GCL identification sticker.  The sticker needs to be placed on the starboard (front right) side of the boat or vessel.  The sticker must be visible from the shoreline when traveling counter clockwise on the lake.  Please contact the Treasurer to purchase sticker(s), or visit the Pay w/Paypal page.  The cost is $5.00 each.

For additional boating information, please visit the Club’s By-Laws & Rules.

Club House

Glass Club Lake uses it’s clubhouse for monthly meetings and numerous Shareholder events.  Shareholders may also rent the clubhouse for personal family events such as family reunions, graduations or large family gatherings.  Please refer to the Club By-Laws & Rules for more information.

Fishing at GCL

Fishing on the lake is reserved for Shareholders and their guests.  We are a private lake, therefore a fishing license is not required.  Fishermen must comply with the “No Wake Speed” during morning hours.

Fitness  Facility

The Club has an exercise facility, which is located on the west side of Omaha Drive, just past the clubhouse.  Equipment consists of treadmills, elliptical machines, free weights and other various items.  Please use caution when using the equipment.  Please note that there are no restrooms or running water inside of the facility.  Contact any Board member for the code to enter the building.

Front Gate

The front gate automatically closes at 7:00 PM and reopens at 7:00 AM.  If you did not obtain a remote control for the gate from the previous owner of your cabin, you may purchase one from the  President, the Treasurer, or visit the Pay w/Paypal page.  The cost is $20 each.


Please make sure that any guests you invite, are aware of the Club’s rules for boating, swimming and the use of Club facilities.   Guests may only stay in your cabin, without your presence, for a total of 14 days – twice per calendar year.   Members are directly responsible for their guests and their safety.  For more information regarding guests, consult the Club’s By-Laws & Rules.

Hiking & ATV Trails

Feel free to explore the GCL hiking & ATV trails in the wooded pines on the west and north sides of Omaha Drive.  Please do not drive any motorized vehicle on the new dam or spillway area.

Maintenance of Cabin & Lot

Members are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance on their cabins, outbuildings, assigned lots, and trees. Members are also required to mow and maintain their assigned lot, and any land that you may be using to house storage buildings or septic systems.  Please refer to the Club By-Laws & Rules for additional information on this topic.

Motorized Vehicle Stickers

A smaller white GCL sticker is now required to be placed on the back of all motorized vehicles on the property.  This includes cars, trucks, golf carts, mini-bikes and ATV’s.  Vehicle stickers can be obtained from the President or Treasurer.

News & Information

You will find current Club information as well as archived documents on this website. This site is updated frequently.

You can find us on Facebook @glassclublakeinc .  Select “Like & Follow” to receive periodic updates. 

In addition to the website and Facebook, a monthly newsletter is sent to all Shareholders via email.

No Wake Zone

Time on the water is reserved for sport fishing prior to 12 Noon, and thus a “No Wake Speed” is in effect for the entire lake until 12 Noon.

Outdoor Burn Policy

You are permitted to burn items outdoors, unless there is a Morris County burn ban in effect.  Please watch over your fire at all times, and make sure that you are not burning too close to any of your neighbor’s structures.


For the safety of our members, the Club requires all cats and dogs to have collars with a current rabies tag, and be confined to your lot, or kept on a leash when outside.  A maximum of four pets are allowed per Shareholder.

Stock Certificates

Your share of stock entitles you to membership in Glass Club Lake, Inc. The stock certificate is a valuable document, therefore please keep it in a safe place.  If you have taken out a loan, your bank may hold your stock certificate until the mortgage is paid off.  You will need to retrieve your stock from your mortgage provider, once your mortgage has been paid in full. If you ever choose to sell your cabin,  you will need to  return your original stock certificate to the President or Secretary.

Structural Changes & Renovations

Board approval is required before making changes to the exterior footprint of your cabin, dock, deck or outbuilding.  Approvals are not necessary for cosmetic renovations that do not alter the exterior footprint of the structure.   For more information, please contact the Building and Grounds Chairman, or click here to download the Construction Application.

Trailer Storage

Boat trailers (with or without a boat on it), utility type, box trailers, and campers may be stored in the trailer storage area adjacent to the right of the fitness room/maintenance building located on Omaha Drive.

Trash Service

You will need to contact a private trash service if you desire regular pick up.

Tree Removal

Before removing any tree (even dead, diseased or decaying) from your lot, you first need to seek Board approval. Please contact the Buildings & Grounds Chairman, or the President, for more information.

Again, Welcome to the Lake!  For additional information about Glass Club Lake, please reference our current By-Laws & Rules, or contact the Glass Club Lake President.