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Garage Sale Donations

The Ladies of the Lake will be holding this year’s annual GCL Garage Sale on Friday, October 13th & Saturday, October 14th at the Clubhouse.

Members Only Sale: The Garage Sale will be open exclusively to GCL members only, on Thursday afternoon, Oct.12th from 4 to 6 PM. Come and shop early as we finish setting things up.

The sale on Friday, will be open to the general public from 7:30AM to 6PM. On Saturday, the sale opens at 7:30 AM & will close at 12 PM.
We welcome your donations. Donations can be dropped off at the Clubhouse pavilion beginning Saturday, October 7th through Thursday, October 13th. Please place your donated items under the LAKE SIDE pavilion.

Volunteers are needed. If you would like to volunteer, or if you have large items you would like to donate, please call or text Pamela Sublette at (785) 393-1775.
GCL members are welcome to the unsold garage sale items for FREE on Sunday, October 15th. The door to the Clubhouse will be locked. To open, enter the 4 digit code. The door automatically locks when closed. Contact a neighbor or a Board member if you need the code. Please do not remove the clubhouse tables, chairs and kitchen appliances.

Next Board of Director’s Meeting

Saturday, November 4th, 2023 – 6:00 PM – at the Clubhouse

Ladies of the Lake Meeting

Saturday, November 4th, 2023 – 10:00 AM – at the Clubhouse

GCL Annual Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner

Please join us at our annual Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner this Veterans Day on Saturday, November 11th, at 4:00 PM at the Clubhouse. Please bring a side dish to share. Turkey and drinks provided.

Muck Pellets – Information Discussed at Annual Meeting

From: Rod Holbrook
Subject: Info on muck pellets

Here are the two brands of pellets that I have used with success.  I was able to purchase both of them through Amazon for a little better deal. 

I think that these types of products are all about the same, so if anyone runs across a better deal please pass it along.

What I do…

• Generally you just broadcast these over the area that you want to treat following the recommended quantity of pellets.

• They advertise it as safe for animals, aquatic wildlife and kids swimming holes.

• Water needs to be between 50-80 degrees. I usually do a treatment in early May and then another in mid-June because of our big July 4th party. 

• The pellets release an aerobic bacteria that eats the sludge.

• You should see results within two weeks.

• Agitating the water seems to help between treatments, I use a landscaping rack that I picked up at Home Depot for about $70, much cheaper than some of the lake rakes that I’ve seen for $200-$300.

The sites below give a lot of great advice on how to take care of your lake and also sell the pellets, along with many other products.

Hope this helps the folks at the lake.

Rod Holbrook

Annual Report (Original Images were removed to reduce file size)

Septic Systems
in Common Areas

Shareholders with septic system/sprinklers in the common areas, need to resume mowing per maintenance rule 5.30b (mow ten (10) feet on either side of sprinkler heads to the street.)

Ladies of the Lake

Glass Club Lake – Ladies of the Lake welcomes new members.  LOL is comprised of member volunteers who’s purpose is to provide assistance to the Event Chairman, and to promote fellowship at Glass Club Lake.    Those interested in joining may email Becky Groshek or call her at 972-571-8090.

Front Gate Clickers

Several members have had issues with their Gate Clickers recently. Many have been caused by a low battery, or the switches inside the controller have moved out of the sequence.

You can check your battery strength by pushing the open button on the Clicker.  A  bright red light means the battery is good.  If the light fails to come on, or is dim in color, please replace the battery (9 volt).  

We suggest that if you leave when the gate is closed, that you use your Clicker to open the gate from the inside, so you know your Clicker is working properly before you leave.

Please contact Chuck Groshek at (972-972-9313) for any clicker related issues.